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Empowering the Child

Basic Ideas for Practical Parenting

Being a parent is not easy. Parenting is the toughest job you’ll ever face, it will not always go smooth. Education and preparation can help you avoid some of the pitfalls of parenting and put you well on the road to success. Here are some basic practical parenting ideas to help.

  • Develop a flexible routine and stick to it. Plan meals for approximatley the same time everyday, also nap time and bed time. Routine is good for children and they respond well to it. Their bodies adapt to it, and their bio-clock will, with practice, automatically respond to it.
  • Scheduling is necessary for adolescents. There needs to be a plan so that everyone knows where they need to be and who is taking them there. A large calendar works well for this. Teamwork is key for getting the children where they need to be.
  • Use charts to show your child their physically and mentally growth. A chore chart is an awesome tool to get your child to take care of their own domain. It will give them a sense of accomplishment as they add a new star sticker to show they completed their work, and you can remind them of how awesome they’ve been at taking care of their own stuff lately!
  • Be engaged. Know your child’s friends. Know what his typical day is like. Meet your middleschooler at his locker when you are picking him up after school. Use the time to help him organize and clean out some of the paper that seems to mound up.
  • Practical parents need to learn to balance work and home responsibilities to give priority to what is necessary and important over what is urgent and demanding. Learn how to say no to intrusive distraction. Take an honest look at your priorities. Make a list and learn to say no to those items that are low on the list so that you do not have to give up precious time with your family.

There’s much to learn about parenting and you’ll never know it all. each child is different and some of these tips may not work for you. In every tip though there is a thread that you can try and use to Take what you can and apply it to your specific situations. Focus on Loving your kids, learn all you can and you will see great results.

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